Friday, 28 June 2013

Clearslide: Boost Sales By Delivering High Quality Presentations

Previously, we brought you the news that Clearslide has acquired SlideRocket from VMware. For those of you who might be unaware of SlideRocket, it was a web app with Google Drive integration for delivering presentations online. In this post we will explore the various features of Clearslide, which itself is quite a robust platform for boosting sales by better interaction with customers.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Penetrate Inaccessible Web Pages with Master Unblocker

Web space is now the most common place for spending one’s pastime. However, administrators, especially in educational settings endeavor to put a limit to what pupils can view on the Internet. This is why one will always find the usual definitive programs such as MS Word and resourceful academic sites, but none for entertainment or networking at all. This is because the institution puts proxies on their computers against students accessing particular websites. Because it is everyone’s right to see this entertaining content, Master Unblocker comes to the rescue.

This program has far-reaching importance. It can infiltrate sites that are banned in certain countries. Of recent, Chinese and Iranian governments have placed a ban on certain networking and news sites which are a cup of coffee for the Western surfer. Master unblocker decodes the imitational web address that the blocking agents have placed to confuse browsers. Then Master Unblocker discloses the original webpage that the computer user who subscribes to this service can surf through, even when inside that country which cannot gain entry into the page.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

What If You're Not Famous on Internet?

Anyone who is in online business knows that to get top keywords ranking on google or any other desire local search engine is not a short term job. It is a long term job and we just play to win but in real life it is not possible, as if you are not working on SEO your competitor’s website comes first.

What you have to do if you are not famous on internet?

You should have to learn lots of things when you start a business and SEO should be one of those. In general, a serious SEO program takes a year or two to get results for a new started business.

There are many SEO tutorial classes, which teach you SEO basic concept like where to put website navigation, posting good content, social networking, social media optimization and very traditional link building strategy including link submission, bookmarking, article submission etc. with-in a very short period, say hardly in 1 week.

After getting knowledge on basic SEO concept, you have to start implementing this on your project, putting 100 hours up front. And now you can go furthur for blogging, commenting on blog, micro blogging, documents submission and press release submission. or you can also hire Dallas SEO team for the same

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Why your website need SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the best way to promote you business online and Internet is the easiest way to give your product and services information to the people. SEO is a strong tool for both business small as well as medium business. Many IT companies are getting into the business of conducting online marketing research using SEO process. It is a technique by which you can rank your web pages at higher positions in major search engines listings like yahoo, Google, Bing, MSN for certain keywords.

Search engines consider various things while ranking your website like referring site, website title and description, keyword density alt tag, images, robot txt file etc. Google also considered the amount of traffic to your site while ranking your online business. In general it is believed that Google give higher rankings to websites considering the relevant content, information and searches. SEO helps to increase the growth of business by converting online website visitors to real clients.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The top 5 free online marketing Strategy

There are numerous online marketing strategies that can increase the traffic as well as your business leads. Some experts say it's better to provide some useful customer information about your product or service before you go for the actual sell. Remember, if you desire to be successful in online marketing, you must see your products through your customer's point of view. So your main concern when creating you campaigns should always be your customers. Long term online marketing success requires enacting several different approaches at the same time. Let’s look at the some of free online marketing techniques that can help you to develop your online business.

Audio – Visual Marketing (Video Marketing)
Audio – Visual Marketing is not an expensive technique; you just have to be exclusive to make it viral. In many YouTube video’s they are not great singers or performers, but their exclusivity made them popular. The conversion rate of YouTube was about 20 percent higher than the conversion rate of major search engines. This strengthens the reality of the power of video marketing sites to provide site traffic.

Social Media marketing
it is open secret that nowadays social media marketing is taking over the online marketing dome. Everyday, there are a thousands of new user who signups in twitter, facebook and other social media site. Therefore, it would be your big mistake if you are not considering the already subsistence and importance of social networking in regards to online marketing.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

How to select and Target keywords for Article writing or SEO Process?

I frequently read questions in forum on how to search and use right keywords for article writing or for SEO process. Here, I am going to give details on how to find right keywords for your business, where to add them to promote your business online and the most appropriate way to use them. The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is one of the very common and best tools to find most appropriate keywords for your business. It’s not compulsory to having adwords account to use keywords but still its better have an adwords Account. If you do not have AdWords account you can sign up now and it's a free and very easy to use.

You just have to enter your URL; a few keywords related to your business and choose the appropriate category for your website. Click on search and you will get a 100s keywords suggestions with the total keywords hits (par month), country in which hits are coming, and the competition available for that particular keywords.

If you are having large budget search engine optimization campaign then you can add all 100 words into the back of your website’s pages. For this you have to target the maximum competition keywords with the maximum number of hits. If you don’t want to spend more money and time in the SEO process then its better to select the keywords which have maximum number of hits with low competition. Target the lowest number of hits with the lowest competition, if you are new in SEO and only want a little local business from online.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Importance and How to use Google Webmaster tools

The significance of creating a Sitemap as a part of your search engine optimization strategy and in some how, it’s also useful for your search engine marketing efforts. One of the best tools which allow you to upload and submit your sitemap is Google Webmaster. However, the importance and the benefits of using Google Webmaster Tool as a part of your online marketing strategy are not limited to this.

Google Webmaster Tools is a free web online service by Google which allow webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. Also, it is a great tool to coverage statistics and diagnosing your website’s performance in Google.

The Importance of Using Google Webmaster for Search engine marketing:

  1. Google webmaster login gives you relevant information on indexing of your site. It gives you access to all information from the last time Googlebot cached your homepage to the error reports of your URLs.

  2. It allows submitting XML Sitemap. An XML sitemap help Google to index your inner site pages and pages that are more difficult to find or may not yet be indexed. Once submitted, you have the choice of seeing when it was last downloaded by Google and how many URLs you have submitted through your sitemap.